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If you’ve finally had total knee arthroplasty (replacement surgery), the last thing you expect is continued pain after your procedure. However, around 20% of people have pain after total knee arthroplasty, oftentimes chronic pain. Stephen Barrett, DPM, Sequioa DuCasse, DPM, MS, and the team at US Neuropathy Centers in Marietta, Georgia, offer expert assessments and treatments to relieve chronic post-surgical pain. Call US Neuropathy Centers or schedule a consultation online to see if the team can alleviate your pain.

Why do I still have pain after my knee replacement?

Pain, while you recover from a surgery such as total knee arthroscopy, is expected. However, your pain should subside as you heal.

If you have pain that continues long after your knee has recovered from surgery, you should contact the team of physicians at US Neuropathy Centers for help.

Sometimes, through no fault or mistake by your surgeon, your common peroneal nerve can become pinched or entrapped.

There’s very little space in your knee, and during a total knee arthroscopy, the manipulation of your bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles combined with post-operative swelling can compress the nerve.

In addition to pain, you may lose sensation in your lower leg. Your ankle may become weak and lead to problems flexing your foot or drop foot symptoms.

How does the doctor determine if I have nerve entrapment?

The doctors at US Neuropathy Centers provide thorough exams and consultations to identify the cause of your post-surgical pain. They use electromyography (EMG), nerve conduction studies, and MRIs to assess your nerve function and look for signs of nerve entrapment.

Nerve entrapment isn’t the only cause of chronic pain after knee replacement. Your doctor also looks for signs that your implant is loose, kneecap problems, or incorrect alignment of your implant and bones.

How is pain after total knee arthroplasty treated?

The doctors at US Neuropathy Centers offer customized treatment plans to alleviate nerve pain. They may recommend peripheral nerve stimulation.

Peripheral nerve stimulation involves a minimally invasive procedure to implant a lead wire near your pinched or damaged nerve. A small implanted generator powers the electrode wire and allows it to release electrical pulses to disrupt or block the nerve signals.

Your doctor may also recommend surgery to release the nerve. The physicians at US Neuropathy Centers perform minimally invasive procedures to release the common peroneal nerve that takes less than 20 minutes to complete. In most cases, your pain disappears almost immediately, and you can walk around on the same day.

If you’re troubled by knee pain after total knee arthroscopy, call US Neuropathy Centers or make an appointment online today for expert assessment and treatment.

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