Healing the Heel

By Dr. Stephen L. Barrett

Written by one of the world’s experts in heel pain, Dr. Stephen L. Barrett has shared more than two decades of his clinical, academic, and surgical knowledge for the patients with heel pain in this book. Heel Pain: Healing the Heel, is written in easy to understand language, with color photos and illustrations so that every person with heel pain can empower themselves for optimal treatment whether mild or severe. Dr. Barrett is considered the “Father of Endoscopic Foot Surgery”, and has trained more than 5000 surgeons throughout the world in his patented minimally invasive surgical techniques. Since he introduced the EPF technique in 1990, more than 1 million of his procedures have been performed. This book is comprehensive and has chapters dealing with many different causes of heel pain, as well as many types of treatment. The newest technology for the treatment of heel pain is included in this book including the use of growth factors for the treatment of plantar fasciitis (fasciosis). Conservative, non surgical treatments are also well explained in this book. This book also explains the “hope” for those patients who have had previously failed heel surgery.