US Neuropathy Centers aims to offer comprehensive, high-quality health care, such as neuropathy and foot and ankle care, to all their patients in Marietta, Georgia. The goal of the practice is to provide patients with the proper diagnostic tests and appropriate treatments that improve their mobility and maintain a high quality of life, despite any neuropathic condition they may have or develop.

With a passionate team of experts that specialize in peripheral neuropathy, nerve pain, and nerve injury, regardless of the type of pain a patient has, the US Neuropathy Centers team takes a head-to-toe approach that examines every facet of the nervous system in order to hone in on the exact cause of a patient’s symptoms. Once a diagnosis occurs, the team works together to establish a customized treatment plan that addresses the root cause of a patient’s condition, provides relief from uncomfortable symptoms, and prevents further complications from developing.

The practice includes esteemed doctors from diverse medical backgrounds who are pioneers in their respective fields. They are known to use breakthrough treatments that they have developed, for example, specific types of endoscopic procedures. Common issues they treat include idiopathic peripheral neuropathy, pain after surgery, Morton’s neuroma, and heel pain.

Patients can feel confident that they will receive the most advanced care, and the team at US Neuropathy Centers continues to take part in the latest research and clinical trials around the country in order to provide the latest and best treatments to patients that suffer from neuropathic conditions, such as TMS and Multiwave Locked System laser therapy.

For the best in peripheral neuropathy, foot surgery, and ankle surgery, US Neuropathy Centers can help with timely interventions that prevent permanent nerve damage.

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