Welcome to US Neuropathy Centers

US Neuropathy Centers are an affiliation of independent physician offices that have proven expertise in the diagnosis and management of peripheral neuropathy.

Affiliated US Neuropathy Centers all adhere to the highest levels of patient care. Our programs are based on established guidelines provided by expert medical staff. Neuropathy is a complex disorder, and deserves the most advanced treatments available.

The USNC team is dedicated to providing comprehensive options through multi-disciplinary care models tailored to each patients' specific needs – meaning that you won't just be prescribed a pill and told to come back in a few weeks. US Neuropathy Centers wants to give you more; they want to help you experience less pain and have a higher quality of life.

The team at USNC continues to research and develop treatments for neuropathy in a never-ending pursuit to bring the best treatment to those suffering from neuropathy.

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