We specialize in the use of amniotic tissue, the most powerful form of medicine available today to promote the regeneration and creation of healthy tissue. Conditions treated included heel pain and arthritis of the knee and other joints.

Amniotic tissue contains growth factors, which promote cellular proliferation and new collagen formation and also minimize scar tissue formation. Amniotic Tissue also contains Amniotic Epithelial Cells and Amniotic Mesenchymal Stem Cells, which are capable of self-renewal and self-differentiation and help “kick-start” the healing process. In addition to these renewal properties, amniotic tissue can help minimize inflammation, a major source of pain during the healing and tissue repair process.

Though amniotic tissues are “allograft,” meaning the do not come from your own body, they are immune-privileged and rarely evoke an immune response in the human body.

The cells in this therapy are “undifferentiated,” meaning they can become any type of cell that is required to repair or replace damaged tissue. These cells stimulate the formation of new bone, cartilage, tendon, ligaments, and connective tissue. Stem cells can also replicate themselves, in theory providing and unending supply to continue the regenerative process.

Amnion allograft tissue (Stem Cells) can:

  • Repair tissue that is too damaged to heal on its own
  • Regenerate tissue that is missing, including cartilage
  • Continue to work as they continue to self-replicate

The biggest advantage stem cell injections offer over more invasive remedies, especially in arthritic joints, is a quicker, easier recovery. In many cases, they injections will occur in the office and “down-time” is virtually eliminated.

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