Infusion therapies can provide a great kick-start to a sustained pain relief. Our office specializes in Alpha Lipoic Acid Infusion, a natural and powerful antioxidant which directly improves nerve conduction and nerve blood flow, and increases ATPase activity, which improves symptom in patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy by preventing sensory nerve degeneration.

In Type 2 diabetics, IV ALA has also been shown to improve insulin-stimulated glucose uptake by as much as 50%, with no changes in fasting blood sugar or insulin levels.

In a study examining the effect of ALA in both lean and overweight type 2 diabetics, insulin sensitivity, glucose effectiveness, serum lactate levels, and pyruvate levels were tested after oral glucose tolerance load. Treatment with 600 mg ALA twice daily for four weeks increased insulin sensitivity and prevented serum lactate/ pyruvate-induced hyperglycemia.

Administration methods include oral and intravenously infused. ALA has been used in Europe since 1959 and is well established to be safe in dosages ranging from 100-1,800mg/day.

Several large studies have suggested that an IV regiment is the most effective to “kick-start” the effects. In many cases, a combination of oral and IV therapy may provide the maximum benefits.