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Your first appointment at one of our US Neuropathy Centers will begin with a detailed medical history and physical examination. It is important that someone who is close to you or knows you well is present to help fill in any missing information. We urge you to bring a list of all of the medications you are currently taking, what treatments you have been given and the shoes you commonly wear.

Each accredited US Neuropathy Center has undergone an extensive evaluation and education process of academic, clinical and surgical programs. In addition, each Center has participated in one or more of onsite oversight by a senior physician, shadowing at an established center, and required periodic training programs. Each Center must reapply annually for re-accreditation.


Atlanta, Georgia (in association with Ankle and Foot Centers of Georgia)

Midland, Texas

Madrid, Spain

Phoenix, Arizona


2520 Windy Hill Rd SE Suite 205, Marietta, GA 30067


Toll Free: 1-844-US-NERVE (1-844-876-3783)
Local: 770-952-5300